Aye aye aye
Later Boners.
I never realized how many of my 'boredom' sites are from Livejournal. ONTD, Fanmix, SYTYCD... oh how I miss you all (but especially ONTD). It's been four days and I am totally behind with my knowledge of all things celeb related. What's a girl to do????

Here's hoping Livejournal gets better. Whether it's the Russian Government or 12 year punks behind this DDOS attack, I'm not really caring at this point.There are a lot of issues out there that I should be focusing on (the American Debt crisis and what not), but c'mon... let's get back to what's important: Harry Potter party posts and ComicCon.

::narrows eyes and frowns::
Later Boners.
So I have had this account for... I'm not sure exactly how long, but a while and I still have not posted an entry until today. It's all sucky because I check out the lj communities and I want to comment, but I feel weird about it b/c i don't have anything down in this journal, no friends, no nothing. ::Frowns:: 

Well, I'm tired of being a member of LJ, but not an active member, so that's going to change. Yay.

I highly doubt the world will take notice, but if someone does stumble across this pathetic journal entry, can you comment me and tell me how to make my journal private? Or does that have to be a paid account thing? Grr, if that's the case.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. :D 
I only have a little over a week left and then it's off to face the kiddies. I'll be student teaching in a first grade classroom. I recently watched (for the hundredth time) the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead as I was trying to get some sleep (yeah, that doesn't make any sense, but I hardly do) and I had a dream that all my little first graders were zombied. It was like that little girl in the beginning, but like 20 of them. ::shivers:: 

Okay, now i feel stupid. I just saw the thing on the bottom that says "show this entry to:" 
I'm a smart one, huh?


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